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Police On Line Crime Statistics

The Gridley-Biggs Police Department launched the RIMS CAD/RMS (Computer Aided Dispatch/Records Management System) module which provides on-line Crime Maps, Arrests, Incident Information and Crime Statistics.
This in-depth informational page will allow you to search for incidents (grouped by type) see what's going on in your neighborhood. Citizens can also sign up for email alerts.
Except for a very small number of confidential incidents such as incidents involving a child, if an incident was reported, then it will show up in the system.
Incidents show up in the system in real-time as they are received, even before an officer actually responds. Incidents need to be reported to the PD for them to show up in the system. 
Access the Gridley-Biggs System:
For areas outside of the Cities of Biggs and Gridley served by the Butte County Sheriff's Department:
RIMS Online System