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Public Safety

Welcome to Public Safety
We want to make available to you information concerning our community and our agency as a public service. Here, you will be able to find information concerning our department, services we provide, and other related material. We welcome you to our website, and hope to answer as much of your questions as possible.
No municipal service is more important than protecting public safety. The City of Biggs' approach to safety starts with prevention through 24-hour police patrolling, standards in planning and construction, and enforcement of City codes. Biggs is carefully preparing for contingency response through emergency planning, back-up equipment and facilities, safe-guarded utilities, and broad communications tools. Police and fire protection teams are well-trained, well-equipped, and consistently within a few minutes' response.
Biggs is proud of its partnership with Gridley in providing the Gridley-Biggs Police DepartmentView more
Police Department
Contact information:
Gridley Biggs Police Department
685 Kentucky St
Gridley, CA 95948
530-846-5670  (non emergency)
For Emergencies, Dial 911
police car
City of Biggs Fire Department
Biggs partners with CalFire for top-notch fire protection and medical response in the City of Biggs and its surrounding area.  Outdoor Burn Permits are always required. 
Biggs Fire Station
434 B Street
Biggs, CA 95917
530-868-5834 (non emergency)
Butte County HQ
176 Nelson Ave
Oroville, CA 95965
530-538-7111 (non emergency)
For Emergencies, Dial 911
CalFIRE engine

See It, Report It!

If you are aware a crime is being or has been committed in Biggs, please notify the Gridley-Biggs Police. If it is not a 9-1-1 emergency, you can call 846-5670 to make a report 24 hours a day. The eyes a of local citizens can make the difference in effectively preventing and responding to law enforcement problems.
The Police Department cannot address issues that they are not aware of.  
See it, Hear it, Report it
Code Enforcement
For City municipal code issues, please contact Biggs Code Enforcement. You can remain anonymous, or you can identify yourself and receive follow-up communication from the city code enforcement officer.
Code Enforcement program involves two major categories as set forth in the Biggs Municipal Code by the City Council:
1) The enforcement of City planning and development codes such as setbacks, building heights, fences, accessory structures, and building without permits.
2) The City’s public nuisance, streets and roads, and public health codes that involve neighborhood health and safety problems like, outdoor marijuana cultivation, abandoned appliances, and household garbage not contained within the waste bins. Code enforcement also includes visual blight such as broken windows, yard debris, excessive weeds, parking vehicles on un-improved surfaces, and disabled or unattended vehicles.
The goals of Code Enforcement go beyond simple enforcement of the Biggs Municipal Code. Other goals include health and safety of citizens, improving quality of life in the City and preserving and improving property values. 
For information about reporting a code enforcement violation, or responding to a letter from the code enforcement officer, please see our FAQ's , call, email or use this FORM.
Code Enforcement 
465 C Street
PO Box 307
Biggs, CA 95917
(530) 868-5447   Email
Code Enforcement
Animal Control Services
The Gridley Animal Shelter is located at 895 Sycamore Street.  The Animal Control Division provides services to the incorporated Cities of Grildey and Biggs. For Animal Control issues outside of the incorporated areas, please contact Butte County Animal Control at (530) 538-7409.
Services provided include:
  • Enforcing the animal laws and ordinances
  • Pick up of stray animals
  • Enforcing rabies control and licensing
  • Pick-up dead animals
  • Taking state mandated bite reports
  • We also offer stray or unclaimed animals at the shelter for adoption. Please call the shelter for information on available animals.  
Animal Licenses are issued from Biggs City Hall, 465 C Street, Biggs
Animal Control
895 Sycamore St.Gridley, CA 95948