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The city has approximately 16 miles of streets that it owns and maintains. City street "right of way" are typically either 80 feet or 60 feet. There are also numerous alleyways spread throughout the city.
Over the past 3 years the city has done significant work on more than 6 miles of the 16 miles of city streets, ranging from pavement overlays to widening and adding curb, gutter and sidewalk. The city has an adopted Pavement Management System. Unfortunately, gas tax and other street maintenance revenues far short of maintenance needs.
Union Pacific railroad splits the town in a north-south direction and between 7th and 8th Streets. The city currently has three crossings. Due to the nature of industrial business and surrounding agricultural properties, the city experiences an extraordinary amount of truck traffic.
The city is current on it’s SSMP (storm system management plan) and SSO (storm systems operations) requirements and reporting.
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Local Street Sweeping
Biggs' streets are power swept on Wednesdays. Every week the sweeper has to go around parked cars. This result is streets that are not as clean as they could be, and storm drains more likely to clog with leaves.
As required by Biggs Municipal Code 8.15.130, please avoid parking on streets on Wednesdays between 7am and 3pm.
A street sweeper
Storm Drainage
The City's current storm water drainage consists of two lift stations, curbs and gutters, underground storm drain piping and some overland flow. The city generally flows storm water from the north east to the south west with all storm water eventually ending up in Hamilton Slough. All drainage within the city flows to facilities owned, operated and maintained by Reclamation District No. 833 (RD833). 

Typically the city combines it’s roadway improvement projects with storm drainage. The City currently has an adopted Storm Drainage Master Plan.
Contact information:
Public Works and Streets Superintendent
Paul H. Pratt
(530) 868-1396