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Public Works

Welcome to Public Works
The City of Biggs is pleased to provide the full range of municipal "public works" services including roads, sidewalks, parks and storm drainage.  Our goal is to provide you, our customer, with reliable, cost-efficient, top-quality service.  Roads, sidewalks, storm drainage and parks maintenance are services funded from a combination of sources including property tax, VLF (DMV registration fees), and sales taxes.
See City's water service and sewer service for additional information.
The Public Works department maintains 5 City Parks, 16 miles of streets, 8 miles of sewer pipe lines, sewer treatment plant, 3 sewer pumping stations that move as much as 1 million gallons per day, 3 fresh water wells, a hydro-static pressure tank that supply about 130 million gallons of water per year, about 8 miles of storm water collection systems, and Public Works maintains Biggs Community Hall, City Hall and various other City facilities. 
Mosquito Abatement services are provided by Butte County Mosquito & Vector Control District
Biggs Public Works Superintendent is Paul H. Pratt.
Contact information and office hours:
7:00 AM to 3:30 PM  Mon-Fri
City of Biggs Public Works Facility
2865 W Biggs Gridley Road
P.O. Box 307
Biggs, CA 95917
(530) 868-1396

530-682-0770   24-Hour Emergency Line for Sewer, Water and other Public Works emergency response

Paul H. Pratt
Paul H. Pratt
Public Work Superintendent