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The Biggs City Electric Utility is the sole provider of electric power to residences and businesses within the city limits. Biggs procures wholesale power, maintains and operates the local electric distribution system, plans long-term infrastructure and operational improvements, and oversees maintenance and operation of the City's street lighting system.
Customer Solar Rebate Program
Solar Rebate Program has Ended. Please contact City Hall for details.
"The People Own the Power"
The City of Biggs Electric Utility has partial ownership of a geothermal steam field in Lake County, where "green" electricity is produced using the earth's natural, renewable energy sources. Biggs also benefits from long-term contracts for allocations of power from the Federal Western Area Power Administration's Central Valley Project at Shasta Dam. Biggs purchases additional power as needed for the City's customers by contract with various energy companies in the open market. Typically over 60% of Biggs' electric power comes from carbon-free sources.
This public utility company is operated by the City for the benefit of its customers, and complies with federal and state requirements for public utilities. Biggs's power purchases and power distribution are coordinated through its membership in the Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) located in Roseville. OUR ELECTRIC RATES ARE MORE THAN 50% less than PG&E.
Biggs partners with Gridley to fund the Gridley Biggs Electric Department, which is responsible for the operation and maintenance of a system. This provides a reliable distribution of electricity to residential and commercial customers from the City's interconnection with PG&E's 60 thousand volt (60kv) transmission line coming in off State Route 99 at Dakota Avenue. Biggs has a substation at Seventh and Bannock Streets.
Questions about the City Electric Utility system can be directed to City Administrator and Utility Director at (530) 868-0100. Questions about starting or stopping utility service, and information about the City's energy efficiency rebate program, can be directed to Customer Service at (530) 868-5493.
PDF General Order 165 Maintenance Report (As of 2/17/12 all items have been addressed)