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The City of Biggs operates a sanitary sewer collection system drawing all wastewater from the city through a subterranean network of pipes and lift stations. These wastes are treated at the City's wastewater treatment plant, located on approximately 5 acres located south west of town, in a system of ponds with bacteriological decomposition. The treatment plant was upgraded in 2000 and 2016 and is planned for additional upgrades in 2019 and 2020.
The collection system consists of mostly 6 and 8 inch diameter piping and transports sewage to one of three lift stations. With the treatment plant upgrade in 2000, approximately 7500 lineal feet of collection and transport main were also upgraded, however the city still experiences significant I&I (infiltration of stormwater from the ground into the sewer pipes) during the wintertime.
Sewer Problems?
Call the City first at 868-5493!
24-hour Emergency Line:
As a customer,you pay a monthly utility fee for sewer service.  Let us help you first when you have a sewer problem.  We will check the City portion of the sewer line for problems at no charge to you.
A pipe
The City is licenced by the Regional Water Quality Control Board to operate the treatment plant. Certified operators in the City's Public Works Department maintain the system daily and take weekly samples to testing labs. The treatment plant provides high quality secondary treatment of effluent and discharges to an agricultural drain known as lateral K. A project in 2019-2020 will transition to land disposal of effluent.
Average daily flows are around 0.3 MGD (million gallons a day), however wintertime flows approach 1.0 MGD. The treatment facility is currently in compliance with its operating permit.
The City has a current adopted Sewer Master Plan. The City is in the process of conducting a Waste Water Facilities Plan for the treatment plant. The City is also currently studying best practices in treatment plant design and intends to plan enhanced facilities to stay in compliance with the ever more stringent regulations imposed on sanitary sewer and treatment plant operations.
City sewer fees are collected to meet the City's costs to operate the system and fund necessary infrastructure improvements. Sewer fees are not used to fund other City services.
For more information about the City's sewer and treatment plant system, contact Public Works 530-868-1396. To inquire about sewer utility services and account payments, contact Customer Service at (530) 868-5493.