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Solid Waste

Biggs provides solid waste disposal to all residences and businesses through a contract with Waste Management, Inc. Customers are provided a garbage bin, a recyclables bin, and a green waste bin.
Garbage bins are emptied by Waste Management every Friday. On alternating Fridays either the green waste or the recyclables are also emptied. The City Calendar indicates which is being picked up. 
Customers are asked to store bins in inconspicuous areas away from the road until Thursday evenings, then have bins at the curb ready for pick-up early Friday morning. Bins should then be promptly returned to their storage spot away from the street and public view.
Waste Management is not obligated to empty bins that are overfilled. Customers are responsible to dispose of their garbage properly, and to keep their curb areas clean before and after pick-up.
Once a year, usually in late September or early October, the City sponsors a City-wide clean-up day. Residents can dispose of up to a full pick-up truck load of household debris -- at no charge! The collection day and collection point will be announced by public postings and in your utility newsletter. There are some limitations, so contract the City in advance of you have questions.
For more information about the City's solid waste disposal service, and to inquire about starting or stopping garbage services and making account payments, contact City of Biggs:
Customer Service at (530) 868-5493.
Waste Management's Ord Transfer Station is another local disposal option
Saturday & Sunday 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Closed for lunch approximately 1:00 - 1:30 PM
Ord Station Rates
Updated 06/27/2019. Check with Waste Management for current rates. 
*For televisions larger than 31", please go to
For other recycling disposal options, Please see the following page: