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"The People Own the Water"
The City of Biggs operates a public freshwater system providing clean, delicious water to residents and businesses for drinking, household use, and irrigation. Three groundwater wells are operated by certified operators in the City's City's Public Works Department. Each well is closely monitored and controlled by high-tech state-of-the-art control systems.
Water Quality Consumers Confidence Reports:
Water is delivered through the City through a subterranean network of interconnected pipes, over half of which were upgraded and replaced in 2007. Certified operators maintain the system daily and take weekly samples to testing labs. Very little treatment is required for Biggs' water, as the local groundwater sources are excellent in quantity and quality. The city consistently serves high quality water to its residents and provides an annual water quality assessment report.
Circa 2007 the city completed a major water system upgrade including replacement of approximately 30,000 lineal feet of waterline mains; complete refurbishment of two wells; abandonment of the old elevated water tank; and installation of automated telemetry controls, automated emergency generator back-up, a 10,000 gallon hydro-pneumatic tank, new fire hydrants, and water meters.
This project helped the operations costs of the public works department by reducing maintenance caused by leaks within the old system. Additionally, the new upgrade improved service reliability and boosted water pressures city wide from the former 38 psi to approximately 55 psi.  The fire department has significantly greater ability to extract water from the system to fight fires. This project was funded by numerous grants and loans through USDA Rural Development and Community Development Block Grant Program. The city has a current adopted Water Master Plan.
To further improve water system reliability and capacity, the City is currently formulating a project to install a 1.5 million gallon above ground water storage tank and another well and pumping station. 
Most residences and businesses are on water meters, approx 180 water customers remain on flat rate usage. The City is incrementally working to install water meters at all locations.  Most residential customers pay about $55.00 per month.  City water fees are collected to meet the City's costs to operate the system and fund necessary infrastructure improvements. Water fees are not used to fund other City services.
For more information about the City's freshwater system, contact City Administrator, Mark Sorensen at (530) 868-0100. To inquire about water utility services and account payments, please contact Customer Service at (530) 868-5493.