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City Council

Biggs is a general law city operating under the California Government Code. Five Council Members are presently elected citywide (at-large) and serve four-year terms. Each Council Member must reside within the city limits.
The City Council is the legislative body of Biggs. It has a broad range of municipal powers including setting policy, reviewing and approving an annual budget, establishing community goals and objectives, approving the City's general plan and proposed sphere of influence, reviewing and approving major projects and hearing community problems and concerns.
Regular monthly city council meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, starting at 5:00 pm. Members of the public are invited to attend to observe and comment. 
City Council meetings are held in Council Chambers located at 3016 Sixth Street, Biggs, California, unless otherwise noted.
In addition to working together as a council, each council member has additional commissioner and committee assignments.
The Council invites you to express your concerns to any or all members of the Council, in writing, by phone, or at any regular Council meeting.
Jon Crawford
James "Bo" Sheppard
Phone: (530) 370-4133
Term: 12/2018 thru 12/2022
 John Busch
Vice Mayor
John Busch
Phone: 530-815-5681
Term: 12/2020 thru 12/2024
Nathan Wilkinson
Council Member
Brian Bassett
Phone: (530) 519-2766
Term: 12/2018 thru 12/2022
  Council Member
Jerome Squires
Phone: (530) 864-2233
Term: 12/2020 thru 12/2024
  Council Member
Chuck Nuchols
Phone: 530-519-1732
Term: 02/2021 thru 12/2022