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City of Biggs Mission, Vision, & Values

Our mission is:
To anticipate and provide for the needs and best interests of the people of Biggs.
Vision Statement
Our vision for Biggs is:
Our city looks and feels good, and it functions well. Biggs is building an exciting and prosperous future. The city is financially stable and prudent with taxpayer resources. We continuously improve the public services we provide in a climate of increasing challenge and continuous change. Our public servants actively engage in learning, performance improvement and teamwork. By applying advanced technologies, improving our work processes, and building partnerships, we excel in providing for the needs of our community. We take pride in working for the public. We deliver exceptional value for Biggs’ citizens and businesses.
Values Statement
Our values are:
  • We provide a safe community with a high quality of life.
  • We are committed to delivery of quality service.
  • We act ethically and responsibly and lawfully in all we do.
  • We are accountable to the residents and taxpayers of Biggs.
  • We encourage open public dialogue and optimize local control.
  • We protect the financial health of the City and promote the economic viability and prosperity of the community.
  • We strive to be proactive and innovative in planning for Biggs’ future.